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B2W Assists Customer with a New Career Path Chinatown WorkSource Center Success Story

Nicholasa was a former Enumerator with the US Census Bureau in 2010. For over a year, she searched unsuccessfully for employment, surviving off her savings and sporadic childcare services until she eventually found employment with the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). Unfortunately, Nicholasa still had difficulty making ends meet as her employment at LAUSD was only part-time.
As Nicholasa continued working part-time at LAUSD, she discovered the “Getting LA Back to Work” Program and immediately enrolled at the Chinatown WorkSource Center. She seized the opportunity to change her career through training and decided to enroll in the Los Angeles Valley College Fellowship Program. Nicholasa researched the benefits of the Fellowship and immediately enrolled, realizing it offered a pathway into the nonprofit world she hoped to move into.
During the Fellowship, Nicholasa networked with like-minded individuals while making new friends in the process. She also held an internship that provided her experience working at a non-profit.

At the end of the Fellowship, Nicholasa secured full-time employment with the Los Angeles Philharmonics where she oversees the archiving objects for preservation including the digital conversion of old photos. She remains closely connected to her Fellowship peers and is very happy with her successful transition. Nicholasa hopes to advance within the department and contributes her success to the Getting LA Back to Work Program.


Richard Racklin Story

Richard Racklin is a 46 year old male who registered with our National Emergency Grant Program after finding out there was training funds available for those who were laid off from Northrop Grumman.  Since his layoff he has had difficulty finding a job that would pay him nearly what Northrop Grumman paid him, about $70,000 annually. So, obtaining a Certificate in Graphic Design seemed like a good option for him.
After heavy research on the how much Graphic Designers make, he decided to not spend any time in school and preferred to proceed with job search assistance.
Richard admits he had a hard time securing employment because he was asking for more money than was offered. But, once his UI Benefits ran out, he immediately took a job offer at a Funeral Home earning $11.00 an hour.
But his search for a better paying job did not stop there. We sat down with Richard, polished his resume and submitted to prospective employers. Soon after submitting his applications (with his improved resume), he interviewed and secured employment with Raytheon as a management Assistant Senior earning $52,000 annually.
We also processed a supportive service reimbursement for him to assist him with his transition. When he came to pick up the check, he had a big smile on his face and thanked the Hollywood WorkSource Center for helping him return to the workforce.


Robert Carranza Story

Robert Carranza is a 55 year old male who is also a United States Veteran. He came to our center upon discovering that the National Emergency Grant services those laid off by Sodexo. Robert fell into depression after his dislocation for two reasons: 1) He was receiving very little money from Unemployment Insurance which was hardly enough for him to pay his bills, and 2) Robert was evicted from his residence due to not paying rent for 4 months.
We immediately referred Robert to apply for low income housing as well as informed him that he qualified for short term training that would help him become more employable. He was very happy and went on to search for a training program of his interest. He was also introduced to potential job leads.
Robert was able to secure low income housing in Hollywood, CA and settled in. As this was happening, Robert also secured full time employment with Walton Facilities Management as a Landscaper earning $13.50 an hour.
Robert called to show his appreciation to the Hollywood WorkSource Center for being there in his time of need and said he will never forget us.



Genie Cobb Story

In summer of 2011, I was no longer employed as a Teacher’s Assistant due to LAUSD layoffs. After a year and a half of sending out applications and only landing one interview, my self-esteem was at an all-time low, being lost and uncertain of the future, I began to feel like life was going nowhere.
Today, my life is going somewhere. Thanks to the Getting LA Back to Work program and the Canoga Park WorkSource Center, I am here as a testimony that Los Angeles is committed to getting its people back to work through workforce development programs such as the one I completed, LA Fellows.
LA Fellows is a program that provides unemployed individuals with career skills training and combines professional development and volunteerism as a pathway to employment.  Through this opportunity I was able to network with like-minded individuals and ultimately land a full-time job.
It is a job to get a job, but if one is proactive, utilizes resources like the Work Source Centers, goes through trainings, attends job fairs, conferences, workshops, and is open to the countless possibilities in life, I believe people will find jobs again.
For more information about the Getting LA Back 2 Work Initiative, visit or visit your local WorkSource Center.



This equal opportunity program is funded through grants from the U.S. Department of Labor and the State of California Governor's 25% Discretionary Fund, as administered by the South Bay Workforce Investment Board. Auxiliary aids and services available upon request to individuals with disabilities. (4838) Website hits since April 1st, 2013.