Services for Employers & Businesses

Collaborative work with employers is key to the development of a skilled workforce that is prepared to enter a tough economic climate. The WDB uses several strategies tailored specifically to meet the human resource and staff development needs of the City’s employer community.

If it is employees you are looking for, the WDB can help you find qualified candidates and prepare customized training resources to prepare them for a job at your business. If, on the other hand, you are making the difficult decision to downsize, we can offer counseling and job search tools for employees that you must let go. WorkSource centers located throughout Los Angeles are able to assist businesses with all of these services confidentially and free of charge.

Each WorkSource Center offers job listings, up-to-date economic and labor market information, skill assessments, information about local education and training providers, and assistance with filing claims for unemployment insurance. Most locations also have technical resources such as phones, fax machines, computers, and copy machines. You can even access the Internet and use multimedia resources like video training courses. Find more business service resources here.

In addition to customized recruitment services, the WorkSource system provides:

  • No-cost advertising of open positions
  • Customized recruitment to help quickly fill multiple positions
  • Candidate screening and/or testing to assure only qualified workers apply for positions
  • Facilities for conducting both one-on-one and group interviews
  • On-the-job and pre-employment training to provide workers with the skills necessary for employment
  • Information about Enterprise Zone, Foreign-Trade Zone, Work Opportunity Tax Credits, Manufacturing Incentives, and other credits

Find a WorkSource Center Near Your Business

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