The Workforce Development Board has four standing committees along with a Youth Council. The WDB also has Ad Hoc Committees and Task Forces which are not standing committees.

  • Executive Committee

    The Executive Committee is comprised of WDB officers, the Committee Chairs, and other members appointed by the Board Chair. The Executive Committee has the authority to act upon matters between the quarterly meetings of the full WDB.

    Members collaborate with other committees to undertake initiatives to leverage other resources, financial and otherwise, in support of the WDB workforce development activities. The Committee acts a catalyst for systemic reform to improve the provision and coordination of workforce development activities and services and it is also responsible for facilitating economic and labor market studies related to demand industries and occupations, and the skills required for employment.

    The Committee ensures continuous improvement of the WDB, actively coordinates with the City Council and the Mayor, resolves special inter-committee issues/opportunities, and establishes task forces and ad hoc committees as needed.
  • Business Services, Marketing & Resource Development Committee

    Members develop, implement, and monitor the WDB’s marketing strategy for outreach to job seekers, youth and local and regional businesses and employers.

    The Committee oversees branding of services and also the implementation of online workforce development services. The members oversee public relations and other outreach activities to ensure the issuance, publication and dissemination of data and reports to educate the public regarding the WDB workforce development activities.

    They also make recommendations to the WDB regarding the provision of workforce development services that will meet the needs of employers and businesses.
  • Nominations & Membership Committee

    Members are in charge of surveying, soliciting, and recommending individuals for Board vacancies. The WDB membership is appointed by the Mayor of Los Angeles and ratified by the Los Angeles City Council.
  • Oversight Committee

    Members oversee the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity (WIOA) and other grant funded programs of the WorkSource/America's Jobs Centers of California, the YouthSource centers, and other WDB initiatives.

    They recommend priority for target populations and priority uses for program service funds, oversee the distribution of such funds, and monitor the utilization of program funds. The Committee also oversees the development of the Five Year Plan submitted to the State of California and the local Annual Plan (a budget, policy and operational document) which is approved by the Los Angeles City Council and Mayor.
  • Youth Council

    Members develop portions of the local plan relating to youth by recommending and approving eligible providers of youth activities and conducting oversight of those programs. Members facilitate the collaboration for youth advocacy and increase youth job opportunities.